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Quickly check your browser's search history

I've warned you in the past that hackers and snoops can learn quite a bit from your browsing history. It doesn't matter if you have multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It's true these record history in different ways, which makes it harder to find specific items. That's why snoops use tools like BrowsingHistoryView. Now you can too.


It's a free program that groups the history of each of your Web browsers into one spreadsheet that you can organize or search any which way you please!

The download link for this program is located near the very bottom of the page. So scroll down until you see a text link (NOT a button) that says "Download BrowsingHistoryView." There may be some ads on the page with download buttons; make sure you locate the right link!

You don't need to install anything, just extract the application to your hard drive. When you run it, you can choose any and all of the browsers you use, as well as select the dates you want to view browsing history.

Aside from snooping, this is also a great tool for finding that site that you know you visited but you just can't quite remember which browser you used or when.

It's also capable of reading the browsing history of a connected remote computer, which can be useful if you administrate a home network.

Note that because this program doesn't require installation, some security programs may flag it as a potential virus. Don't worry; it's safe.


Don't want people snooping on your browsing history? Remove it with this tool or learn how to turn on the privacy mode in your browser.

Cost: Free

Link: nirsoft.net/utils/browsing_history_view.html

System: Windows

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